24/7 supply

24/7 Supply is solely owned by Doug Christensen, and was formed in 2001. 24/7 Supply was started in part by requests from customers of a sister company by the name of Cornerbead Concepts, Inc. Cornerbead Concepts installs metal trim for many of the drywall contractors in Las Vegas. During the 90's Cornerbead Concepts was installing bead on as many 100 homes per week. Several drywall contractors that were not using Cornerbead Concepts to install their bead had asked Doug if he would be able to sell them just the metal trim at a competitive price.  At the time Doug was purchasing metal for his use only and decided if he were to sell metal trims to other drywall contractors he would need to separate the installation of metal trims from the sell of metal trims, thus Got Metal? was created.

Doug would sell pallets of cornerbead and deliver these pallets to the customers warehouse. These customers started to ask Doug since you are already coming to my warehouse with the cornerbead can you sell us other products such as drywall nails and drywall screws. Doug figured why not, so he made some calls and started bringing in truckloads of screws and nails to sell. Well it didn't stop with just screws and nails. Over the course of 15 years Got Metal? started to carry about anything a drywall contractor would need. The only products that were never brought in were drywall and drywall mud.

The Got Metal? name was changed a few years ago to align with our sister companies 24/7 Restoration & Construction and 24/7 Heating & AC.